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Assay Reagents/Antibodies

  • Cell Lysis Buffer

    Cell Lysis Buffer


    FFor Cell Lysis in Receptor Binding Assay   The cell lysis buffer is used in ligand-receptor binding assay. This buffer allows rapid lysis of the cells and removal of cell nuclei before bound AP activity is measured... More Info

  • HBHA Wash Buffer

    HBHA Wash Buffer


    For Receptor Binding Assay   HBHA wash buffer consists of Hank's balanced salt solution with 0.5 mg/mL BSA and 20 mM HEPES, pH 7.0. This buffer has been used extensively for ligand-receptor binding assays.  ... More Info

  • AP Assay Reagent S

    AP Assay Reagent S


    For Cell Staining   The AP Assay Reagent S is formulated specifically for cell staining or Western blotting analysis of enzymatic activity of the alkaline phosphatase (AP). The AP substrate BCIP upon dephosphorylation... More Info

  • Receptor/Ligand Binding Assay using AP Assay Reagent A

    AP Assay Reagent A


    For AP Activity Assay   The AP assay reagent A is formulated specifically for measuring the enzymatic activity of the alkaline phosphatase (AP). The secretion of human placenta AP or a secreted ligand(receptor)-AP... More Info

  • AP Antibody Western Blot Kit

    AP Antibody Western Blot Kit


    For immunoblotting of AP fusion proteins   This kit contains the AP Antibody (rabbit polyclonal) which is specific to human placental secreted AP as well as two controls for AP Western blots. The antibody works... More Info