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Assay Reagents/Antibodies

  • Cell Lysis Buffer

    Cell Lysis Buffer


    FFor Cell Lysis in Receptor Binding Assay   The cell lysis buffer is used in ligand-receptor binding assay. This buffer allows rapid lysis of the cells and removal of cell nuclei before bound AP activity is measured... More Info

  • HBHA Wash Buffer

    HBHA Wash Buffer


    For Receptor Binding Assay   HBHA wash buffer consists of Hank's balanced salt solution with 0.5 mg/mL BSA and 20 mM HEPES, pH 7.0. This buffer has been used extensively for ligand-receptor binding assays.  ... More Info

  • AP Assay Reagent S

    AP Assay Reagent S


    For Cell Staining   The AP Assay Reagent S is formulated specifically for cell staining or Western blotting analysis of enzymatic activity of the alkaline phosphatase (AP). The AP substrate BCIP upon dephosphorylation... More Info