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FDD Services

Discover the art of differential display with the experts who invented the proven technology. Since 1992, GenHunter has helped thousands of its customers in successfully identifying differentially expressed genes with our kits. Now, we are proud to extend our unsurpassed expertise in the state-of-the-art differential display technology by providing you with the most reliable gene expression profiling service, using completely automated, fluorescent differential display technology.

Just provide us with your RNA samples and we can do the rest - from removal of DNA contamination; to automated, reproducible, fluorescent differential display; and finally subcloning and sequencing your genes of interest (cloning and sequencing are additional charges).

We have several comprehensive service options available:
24, 72, 144, and 216 primer combination options are available; up to 95% coverage (with 216 primer combination option).

There are many reasons to take advantage of our FDD services including:
- a quick, accurate, and systematic way to visualize gene expression differences in a system with a proven technology and the experience of DD experts
- an evaluation of the DD method itself or a comparison to other competitive techniques such as microarray, subtractive hybridization, or SAGE
- data and images that can be used in grant applications
- more reliable and cost-effective than hiring a technician to work out the method.

We believe your investment in our FDD services will be rewarded with the discovery of genes of real interest to your project, as opposed to the possibly misleading information generated by DNA microarrays with which it is often hard to make sense of the data.

Please contact us at or 800-311-8260 for more information.

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