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PerfectPipettor products image

Our PerfectPipettor product line includes Single-channel & Multi-channel pipets and stands.

Rockers & Shakers images

GenHunter offers Orbital Shakers (Belly Dancer or Belly Dancer) & Rockers for all mixing applications including Western blotting.

Gel Electrophoresis Apparatuses image

We also have equipment for gel electrophoresis as well as PCR tubes.


GenHunter offers a large selection of equipment including PerfectPipettors, Rockers & Shakers, Gel Electrophoresis, PCR tubes, & other miscellaneous items.

  • PerfectPipettor

    PerfectPipettors are offered in Single- and Multi-Channel versions. They are beautifully designed, precise, durable, and very affordable... More Info

  • Rockers & Shakers

    GenHunter offers Orbital Shakers & Rockers for all mixing applications including Western blotting. To save even more money on Westerns, use The PerfectRocker, The Belly Dancer, or The Belly Button Orbital Shakers....More Info

  • Gel Electrophoresis

    Gel Electrophoresis Apparatuses...More Info

  • Tubes

    GenHunter offers 2 sizes of tubes for PCR....More Info

  • Miscellaneous Equipment

    Miscellaneous equipment includes the EasyTransfer Replica Plating Device, ....More Info

  • GenHunter Agarose

    GenHunter Agarose


    Stop paying so much for Agarose! Features of GenHunter Agarose: Highly purified, general purpose agarose for any application DNase-, RNase-, Endonuclease-, &‰ÛöProtease-free Low EEO... More Info