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Miscellaneous Equipment

We offer the EasyTransfer Replica Plating Device (Cat. No. R702) as well as Agarose (Cat. No A0025, A0100, A0500, A7100, A7500).

The EasyTransfer Replica-plating device is ideal for efficient and uniform colony transfer for colony hybridization during reverse Northern screening of positives in differential display. This item features a locking ring which secures sterile velveteen squares onto the cylinder prior to replica plating. Twelve re-usable velveteen squares are included or can be ordered separately (Cat. No. R703).

The Agarose is highly purified, general purpose agarose for any application.

  • GenHunter Agarose

    GenHunter Agarose


    Stop paying so much for Agarose! Features of GenHunter Agarose: Highly purified, general purpose agarose for any application DNase-, RNase-, Endonuclease-, &‰ÛöProtease-free Low EEO... More Info