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IL-24 antibody products

Interleukin-24 (IL-24, also called Mob-5 or Mda-7) is an important cytokine that was identified by Dr. Peng Liang's research group. His group used comprehensive Differential Display screening and identified over two dozen genes to be regulated by ras oncogene. They focused on a gene encoding a novel secreted protein now officially designated IL-24, which is expressed by activated T cells as well as other cell types transformed by ras oncogenes. Through a series of biochemical studies and especially the use of GenHunter's AP-TAG technology, Dr. Liang's group demonstrated that ras oncogenes could not only induce the expression of IL-24, but also its receptor(s) in the transformed cells. They went on to identify two heterodimeric cell surface receptors of IL-24, which when bound to the ligand, could activate JAK-SAT signaling pathways. Their work suggests that ras oncogenes may function to activate the IL-24 autocrine-loop, which could contribute to cancer cell survival and uncontrolled proliferation. Thus, the IL-24 signaling pathway may offer a potential therapeutic target for cancer treatment.

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