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Rabies virus antibodies

Rabies virus (RABV) is a small RNA virus with a bullet-shape structure. Like other family members in lyssaviruses, RABV has a 12 kb genome encoding five proteins in the order: nucleoprotein (N), phosphoprotein (P), matrix (M), glycoprotein (G) and RNA-dependent-RNA polymerase (L). RABV infection in humans, often as a result of dog bites, causes acute encephalitis with a fatality rate of almost 100%. Inactivated RABV viral vaccines are protective in both prophylactic and therapeutic (after bitten) settings where both rely on neutralizing antibodies to glycoprotein (G), which is the only surface antigen responsible for viral entry into the host cells. Like most of the enveloped RNA viruses, the glycoprotein (G) antigen is trimeric in nature and is responsible for binding to neurotropic host cell receptors, which in turn triggers viral-cell fusion.

GenHunter has 2 mouse monoclonal antibodies against RABV glycoprotein (G) antigen: one binding mAb and the other is both a binding and a neutralizing mAb.