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IL-20R2 antibodies

Interleukin-20 (IL-20) is a member of the IL-10 family of cytokines discovered by ZymoGenetics Inc. Like IL-24, IL-20 signals through two heterodimeric receptors: IL-20R1/IL-20R2 and IL-22R1/IL-20R2. Upon binding to its receptors, both IL-20 and IL-24 induce rapid activation of Stat-1 and Stat-3 transcription factors in the JAK-SAT signaling pathway, which appear to play a role in cell survival and proliferation. Both IL-20 and IL-24 transgenic mice manifest similar phenotypes with neonatal lethality, epidermal hyperplasia, and abnormality in keratinocyte differentiation. Abnormality in expression of these cytokines has been implicated in autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis and arthritis. Blockade of both IL-20 and IL-24 biological functions by soluble IL-20R2-Fc fusion protein was able to markedly inhibit the disease phenotype in animal models.

GenHunter is now offering 2 monoclonal antibodies against human IL-20R2 (a binding antibody and one that is a neutralizing & binding antibody) as well as Recombinant Human IL-20R2-Fc fusion protein. We also offer many products for human IL-24: 5 monoclonal antibodies against human IL-24, 1 polyclonal antibody against human IL-24, 1 polyclonal antibody against rat IL-24, plus other controls.