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RNApure Reagent


Product Description

For convenient extraction of total RNA from tissues or cultured cells.


The extraction of total RNA from tissues or cells is an important step in the Differential Display process. GenHunter has developed a simple mono-phasic solution for rapid isolation of intact total RNA that is similar to other phenol/guanidine thiocyanate-based RNA isolation products, but RNApure has several major advantages (better cell lysis, easier phase visualization, better RNA stability). The RNA isolated can be used for any application requiring high-quality total RNA including differential display, RT-PCR, DNA microarray, Northern and reverse Northern blot analysis.


Cheaper & better than RNAzol®, TRIzol®, and TRI Reagent® !


This clear, mono-phasic reagent provides a one-step isolation of total RNA from cells with unsurpassed integrity. GenHunter RNA loading mix was used for the RNA sample denaturation and loadings.


This reagent is hazardous & requires special shipping. A detailed step-by-step protocol is included.




RNApure Reagent (50 mL)   - Cat. No. P501

RNApure Reagent (100 mL) - Cat. No. P502

RNApure Reagent (200 mL) - Cat. No. P503

RNApure Reagent (500 mL) - Cat. No. P504