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Compartmented/Sectional PerfectWesterns


The most popular Compartmented size is the 6-Sectional-Mid, which has 6 equal 10 x 3.2 cm compartments. Catalog numbers are B132 for clear, B133 for black.


Most Compartmented containers are also available in black versions for light-sensitive applications. You no longer need to worry about keeping your fluorescent Westerns protected in a dark room or with foil.


We offer these 14 PerfectWestern Containers in Compartmented/Sectional format (CLICK HERE) for membrane strips. These include containers for very thin strips (~0.6 cm wide) to thicker strips (5 cm wide), and as short as 7.3 cm to as long as 21.3 cm for various gel formats.

All containers are available in clear versions & most are also available in black for light-sensitive applications. Dimensions, Catalog numbers, and Recommended volumes are listed in the Specifications Tab on the product pages.

Note: We also have 12 Single-chamber containers for whole blots and 11 Single-chamber containers for membrane strips.