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     Optimal arbitrary primer length
     Degeneracy of the arbitrary 13mers
     One-base versus two-base anchored primers
     Number of arbitrary primers and gene coverage
     Comparison of DD with other methodologies
     False Positives in DD
     Frequently asked questions and trouble-shooting
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Differential Display Methods And Protocols Book
Differential Display Newsletter
Differential Display Summer Workshop

Differential Display Methods & Protocols

In Differential Display Methods and Protocols, Drs. Peng Liang and Arthur B. Pardee have for the first time assembled a comprehensive review of the state of the art of their powerful new methodology and its practical applications. The book's pioneering contributors describe all the major elements of this novel technology, including optimal primer designs, DD using fluorescence detection, cloning family-specific genes and major causes and solutions for false positives. Also provided are numerous examples, along with detailed experimental procedures, in which differentially expressed genes have been successfully identified in diverse biological systems ranging from plants to songbirds to humans.

Comprehensive and on the cutting-edge, Differential Display Methods and Protocols provides readers with precise new tools for studying exactly how gene expression is regulated throughout the development of a living organism, and how the failure of this intricate control mechanism leads to pathological complications. This novel and productive methodology, fully detailed here is already playing a major role in the development of selective antagonists and inhibitors for treating cancer, cardiovascular disease, CNS disorders, and inflammation and tissue repair. Now scientists everywhere can successfully apply this powerful set of techniques using the step-by-step procedures of its innovators.

306pp. 1997, Humana Press
Edited by Peng Liang and Arthur B. Pardee
  • The first book dedicated to differential display technology.

  • Contains numerous step-by-step protocols and improvements by experts in the field.

  • Discusses major avoidable causes for false positives.

  • Includes applications from a wide range of biological systems from plants to animal brains.

  • Offers suggestions for the future development of the technology.

  • Treats all aspects of differential display for identifying and cloning differentially expressed genes.

  • Presents numerous examples of successfully identified differentially expressed genes.

  • Truly a road map for all those who are interested in differential display technology.

    Differential Display Methods and ProtocolsHP1

  • Differential Display News is published as a forum for our customers and researchers to share their experience, tips and availability of new research products for differential display methodologies. It also updates the progress or useful modifications made to the method and provides reviews and comments on recently published articles that are relevant to differential display strategy.

    Should you be interested in receiving this free publication or submitting relevant articles to be published in Differential Display News, please fill out the Information Request form right here on our web site. Additionally, if you would like to read past issues, visit our Newsletter page.

    Summer Workshop

    Workshop Picture
    This week-long intensive lab course focuses on all aspects of the most up-to-date differential display techniques in identifying and cloning differentially expressed genes. The workshop is offered by Vanderbilt University each year in June or July. The organizer of the workshop is Dr. Peng Liang. In four workshops since 1997, there have been 93 students from 17 countries. Class size is typically 20 to 30. Companies including GenHunter, Qiagen, NEN-Dupont, Eppendorf, National Diagnostics and Sarstedt co-sponsor the workshops. Areas to be covered are:
    • Principle of Differential Display technique
    • Removal of chromosomal DNA from RNA
    • Differential Display using one-base anchored primers
    • Reamplifying and cloning cDNAs of interest
    • Northern blot for confirmation of differential gene expression

    For more detailed information regarding registration and availability of space for the workshop, please fill out the Information Request form right here on our web site.

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