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Rockers and Shakers

Rockers and Shakers

GenHunter Rockers & Shakers:
The PerfectRocker, Belly Dancer, & Belly Button

Belly Dancer

The Belly Dancer & Belly Button offer a unique 3D orbital motion ideal for Westerns & other mixing applications. Accessories are available.


GenHunter offers Orbital Shakers & Rockers for all mixing applications including Western blotting.

To save even more money on Westerns, use The PerfectRocker, The Belly Dancer, or The Belly Button Orbital Shakers.

  • Belly Button Small Lab Shaker (100-230V)

    Belly Button Small Lab Shaker (100-230V)


    The Belly Button Small Lab shaker offer the same unique, undulating 3D orbital motion as the famous Belly Dancer, but in a smaller size  that can fit into an incubator, refrigerator, or hood. It is ideal for Westerns,... More Info

  • PerfectRocker



    The PerfectRockers offer the standard back-and-forth rocking motion preferred by many labs. They are useful for a wide variety of applications including Western blots.   Features: Gentle, yet thorough mixing &... More Info