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Trimerize Any Secreted Proteins


Trimerized Ligand Linked by Disulfide Bonds


Trimerized Soluble Receptor or Antibodies



GenHunter Corporation has been granted multiple patents in the U.S., Europe, Japan, & China covering the design and expression of any secreted therapeutic protein in disulfide bond-linked homo-trimeric forms.

Our technology, dubbed "TRIMER-TAG", takes advantage of the C-prodomains of collagen proteins, which are capable of efficient self-trimerization. Collagens are the most abundant and naturally occurring proteins secreted by mammals, including humans.

TRIMER-TAG is the first drug design platform that allows any secreted protein (e.g. cytokines, soluble receptors, Fab of mAbs) to be made as covalently linked homo-trimers with greatly increased avidity to their disease-causing targets such as the TNF family of cytokines (TNFRII, TRAIL, etc), SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 coronavirus viral spike (S)-protein, HIV gp120, DR4, DR5, sCD4, and ApoAI. Constructs for all of these have already been made and are in development as biologic drugs.


Special Features of TRIMER-TAG:

  • Naturally Secreted Trimer (C-Propeptide of Collagen)
  • Disulfide Bond-Linked
  • From Most Abundant Protein in Mammals (Collagen)
  • Up to 28 types of Collagen to choose from
  • Turn Any Secreted Protein into Covalently Linked Trimer
  • Covered by multiple patents in the U.S., Europe, Japan, & China

See the animation video for our promising TRAIL/Apo2L-TRIMER here:
CLICK HERE to see the TRAIL/Apo2L-TRIMER video

Contact GenHunter at for more details in accessing the TRIMER-TAG technology.

You can see more about Clover Biopharmaceuticals' work using TRIMER-TAG to produce a vaccine candidate for the new SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 coronavirus with the viral spike (S)-protein:

More news stories from Clover Biopharmaceuticals here:

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