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GenHunter has the following antibody products:

  • Visualization of IL-24 binding to its cell surface receptor.
Cos cells transiently transfected with a heterodimeric IL-24 receptor were exposed to the IL-24-alkaline phosphatase fusion protein (IL-24-AP). The ligand bound to the cell surface of transfected cells was visualized by the alkaline phosphatase activity under a light microscope (20X magnification) without phase contrast.

    Human IL-24 Antibody, Mouse Monoclonal (Ascites)


    Interleukin-24 (IL-24, also called Mob-5 or Mda-7) is an important cytokine that was identified by Dr. Peng Liang's research group at Vanderbilt University. His group used comprehensive Differential Display screening and... More Info

  • AP Western Blot Kit

    AP Western Blot Kit


    For immunoblotting of AP fusion proteins   This kit contains the AP Antibody (rabbit polyclonal) which is specific to human placental secreted AP as well as two controls for AP Western blots. The antibody works... More Info