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GenHunter has the following antibody products:

  • phFc(IM)-D Mammalian Expression Vector

    phFc(IM)-D Mammalian Expression Vector


    phFc(IM)-D Mammalian Expression Vector Cat. No. Q458 This vector is designed to express any soluble receptor or secreted ligand as a human IgG1 Fc fusion protein in mammalian cells. The vector contains a murine dhfr gene... More Info

  • Visualization of IL-24 binding to its cell surface receptor.
Cos cells transiently transfected with a heterodimeric IL-24 receptor were exposed to the IL-24-alkaline phosphatase fusion protein (IL-24-AP). The ligand bound to the cell surface of transfected cells was visualized by the alkaline phosphatase activity under a light microscope (20X magnification) without phase contrast.

    Human IL-24 conditioned media, 5 mL


    Interleukin-24 (IL-24, also called Mob-5 or Mda-7) is an important cytokine that was identified by Dr. Peng Liang's research group at Vanderbilt University. His group used comprehensive Differential Display screening and... More Info