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For convenient extraction of total RNA from tissues or cultured cells

The extraction of total RNA from tissues or cells is an important step in the Differential Display process. GenHunter has developed a simple mono-phasic solution for rapid isolation of intact total RNA that is similar to other phenol/guanidine thiocyanate-based RNA isolation products, but RNApure has several major advantages (better cell lysis, easier phase visualization, better RNA stability). The RNA isolated can be used for any application requiring high-quality total RNA including differential display, RT-PCR, DNA microarray, Northern and reverse Northern blot analysis.

Cheaper & better than RNAzol®, TRIzol®, and TRI Reagent® !

Detailed protocol included.

 Cat. No.Volume
50 mL
100 mL
200 mL
500 mL

Gel analysis of intact total RNA isolated from 9 different tissues of rat using RNApure.

This clear, mono-phasic reagent provides a one-step isolation of total RNA from cells with unsurpassed integrity. GenHunter RNA loading mix (see below) was used for the RNA sample denaturation and loadings.

RNA Loading Mix

For denaturation of RNA before gel analysis.

Get perfect RNA gel every time! This pH buffered solution contains the denaturant, tracking dye and ethidium bromide for a convenient one-step preparation of the RNA sample before loading for gel or Northern blot analysis. This loading mix solves the often-encountered problem of apparent RNA degradation.

Just mix 1 - 10 µL (2 - 50µg) of RNA with 20 µL RNA loading mix, heat denature for 10 min at 65oC and load on the gel without adding additional Ethidium bromide in the gel or buffer.

 Cat. No.Volume
RNA Loading Mix
1 mL
RNA Loading Mix

Gel analysis of total RNA using GenHunter RNA Loading Mix.

No more guessing or worrying about RNA degradation. Get perfect RNA gel for optimal Northern blot analysis.

MessageClaen Kit

For complete cleaning of DNA contamination from RNA.

This very popular kit contains everything required for the complete removal of trace amounts of chromosomal DNA contamination from RNA isolated by any method, including GIT-CsCl gradient centrifugation and the simple one-step acid phenol extraction. This step is absolutely essential for a successful mRNA Differential Display. GenHunter's GH-DNase I is designed especially for the complete digestion of single- and double-stranded DNA with absolute integrity of the RNA before differential display. DNase I from other vendors are mostly used for DNase footprinting, thus may be contaminated with RNase.

 Cat. No.
MessageClean® Kit

Individual components for MessageClean® Kit sold separately
DescriptionCat. No.Volume
10X Reaction Buffer
140 µL
3M NaOAc
140 µL
H20 (DEPC treated)
1 mL

Message Clean Image

Removal of chromosomal DNA from RNA with GenHunter's MessageClean® Kit.

This figure shows the result of our stringent QC of the MessageClean® kit. l-DNA or total RNA isolated with GenHunter's RNApureTM reagent were incubated without (-) or with (+) GH-DNase I for 30 min and then analyzed by gel analysis. Note only the l-DNA, not the RNA, was degraded .


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