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Free Belly Accessory when you order The Belly Dancer or Belly Button shakers
Get a Free 2nd Story Platform, Nesting Platform, or Finger Mat (up to $257 value)
Would you like to save even more money on Western blots?

Use our PerfectWestern Containers with the Best Shakers on the Market:
The Belly Dancer    
and    The Belly Button Orbital Shakers!

The unique 3D undulating orbital motion of these shakers is ideal for Westerns, Northerns, Southerns, & other mixing applications.

Get even more function out of your Shakers & Rockers:
  • The 2nd Story Platform doubles your available space.
  • The Nesting Platform Extender more than doubles (125% more) your available space.
  • The Finger Mat makes them more useful (for tubes).
    [See images at right]
Free Accessory Offers:
  • Order a Belly Dancer Shaker and get a Free 2nd Story Platform ($257 value), Free Nesting Platform ($257 value), or Free Finger Mat ($155 value)!
  • Order a Belly Button Small Shaker and get a Free Finger Mat ($67 value)!
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New GenHunter Agarose
(in Powder or Tablets)
Standard Molecular Biology Grade, LE type (Low EEO)
New Agarose
Stop paying so much for Agarose!

Features of GenHunter Agarose:
  • Highly purified, general purpose agarose for any application
  • DNase-, RNase-, Endonuclease-, & Protease-free
  • Low EEO (electroendosmosis) of ≤ 0.13 -mr means increased mobility, high resolution, less distortion, and shorter run times
  • Safer: Free of Organic Solvents
  • Easily soluble from powder or tablets
  • Excellent thermal stability & gel strength
  • Low background
  • Agarose available in 2 types:
    (25, 100, & 500 g sizes)
        Tablets (0.5 g each in 200 or 1000 tablet packs)
With tight budgets in these difficult economic times, every lab needs to be price conscious.

GenHunter Agarose Ordering Information:

Agarose Powder:
  25 g
    Cat. No. A0025   $35     Order A0025
  100 g   Cat. No. A0100   $95     Order A0100
  500 g   Cat. No. A0500   $220   Order A0500

Agarose Tablets (0.5 g each):
Pre-weighed tablets in easy blister packs.
No weighing, no mess = time saved!
Just let tablet(s) dissolve in buffer for 2 minutes, then heat as normal.

  100 g (200 tablets)     Cat. No. A7100   $120
      Order A7100 (200 tablets)
  500 g (1000 tablets)   Cat. No. A7500   $365
      Order A7500 (1000 tablets)


PerfectFilm: Our new film for Western Blotting
Inexpensive, High-Quality Autoradiography Film for many applications including Chemiluminescence
New PerfectFilm
Why spend several hundred dollars on film for Western blots?

GenHunter's PerfectFilm is a high-quality, especially sensitive blue autoradiography film that is ideal for most applications including Western blots using ECL substrates for HRP or AP!

Equivalent film 3 - 5X cheaper than competitors!
   $50 for 100 5x7" sheets
   $75 for 100 8x10" sheets

Features of our PerfectFilm:
  • Standard High Contrast, Double Emulsion Blue Film
  • High Sensitivity with Low Background
  • Optimized for ECL (Enhanced Chemiluminescence), but ideal for many other applications (see below)
  • Beautiful, Publication Quality Images
  • Also works ...more
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