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Nature Lab Offers - 25% Off Your First Order With This Ad

Use Quote # NLO2011E
Discount expires June 30, 2012

This discount is valid for almost all GenHunter products including:
Our Pipets, Pre-cut Membranes, Orbital Shakers, and Electrophoresis Systems are excluded. Those products have their own discounts - see those links.

To take advantage of the NLO 25% OFF discount:
- Place an order by phone (800-311-8260), fax (615-832-9461), or email using Quote # NLO2011E
- Place an online order and put the quote number in the shipping address.
Note: If there is no easy way to use the quote number in your system, include it as an additional line item on your faxed order (Qty 1 of Catalog No. NLO2011E, "25% off discount").

Features of the PerfectWestern Western Blot Containers:
  • Use 75% Less Antibody & Reagents
  • Ultra-smooth Flat Inner Surface
  • Each compartment like 1 "Medium" container
  • 27 Sizes in Clear, Black, & Colors
  • Over 100,000 Sold
27 different PerfectWestern container sizes:
  • "Medium" size designed for Bio-Rad mini-gel
  • "Mini Square" for Invitrogen mini-gel
  • "6-Sectional" containers for multiple gel strips
  • "Large" for Coomassie Blue staining/destaining
  • "Extra Large" for Bio-Rad Criterion
  • "Enormo" & "Colosso" for 2D gels
      Many more containers for every gel/strip size are available (see below).
Our PerfectWestern Containers are now available in 27 different sizes in both clear and black polystyrene plastic. These sizes include much smaller and much larger rectangular sizes as well as sizes for membrane strips. The PerfectWestern containers have ultra-smooth flat surfaces, lids, and 90 degree edges to perfectly accommodate Western blots of all sizes, significantly reducing the amount of antibodies needed (often by 75%), while still giving beautiful blots. There are price breaks at 5, 10, 20, and 50 containers. You will receive 25% off the list price for each price break. For the most current information, download the 2011 PerfectWestern brochure here.

Discount terms and Notes:
For phone, fax, email, and online orders, only those referencing Quote # NLO2011E and received before the June 30, 2012 deadline will be accepted. Not applicable to past orders. Shipping costs are separate. Not combinable with other discounts. Subject to availability. If there is no easy way to use the quote number in your system, include it as an additional line item (Qty 1 of Catalog No. NLO2011E, "25% off Discount") and the discount will be applied.

International customers: This discount only applies to customers in the U.S, Canada, and other countries without distributors. However, we always encourage our distributors to offer their customers a discount as well and they generally will. Please see our International Distributors list and contact them to place an order.

Please feel free to contact us if you cannot find a distributor in your territory or with any other questions or comments.

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